Is now a bad time to talk to you about Jesus?

It seems that Christians always pick the worst possible time to shove our beliefs down people’s throats. We turn every imaginable event into an opportunity to proselytize for our religion. We bombard people with cliche questions like, “Do you know where you are going when you die?” 

But is it a ridiculous idea that Christians are people just like you, who at one time were also unconcerned with eternity and annoyed by friends and family trying to “save them”? But they were confronted with information that convinced them that they, like everyone, are lost without Jesus.

Are you against investing an hour of your time into considering this claim? If Jesus really is the only path that doesn’t result in death and eternal destruction, would that be terrible news? Are you against your friends and family bringing this oversight to your attention because they love you? 

Have you given up on knowing him? It is easy to get distracted and even to doubt that Jesus is real. But is it easy to give up on someone who didn’t give up on you? This is what your Christian friends and family want you to consider.