“Know my truth. Speak my truth. Live my truth!”

This mantra is empowering, but it disregards a critical reality: While there are many opinions, there is only one truth. Calling something, “my truth”, doesn’t actually make it any more true. 

We call it “my truth” because we believe we can create our own reality. But, something is either true or it is false. It either happened or it didn’t happen. We either landed on the moon or we didn’t. It can’t be both. What we should concern ourselves with is how we can recognize reality and know the truth. 

How can we know if we landed on the moon? How can we know that Jesus rose from the dead? How can we know if we have peace with God?

I can’t help you with the moon landing, but the Bible says that over 500 witnesses saw the resurrected Jesus. The Bible also teaches that the power of the resurrection can make peace between you and God.

This might not be anyone’s “truth”, but it is the Truth.

“I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the Father, but by me.” – Jesus (John 14:6)