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Calvinism As A Model

Setting theology proper aside, Calvinsim is the framework with the most explanatory power for human psychology and world affairs. The United States is extremely blessed that it had such an outsized influence over the Framers and Founders. We are quite possibly the last remaining government still standing on the cornerstones of its principles. In the Old World nations, they ordered their churches and homes according to Calvinistic convictions, but their economies and governments were already long in the tooth by that time and were only superficially adorned with its unique insights. Whereas our nation was conceived in its bosom and weaned on its strong meat, so that we are now superficially adorned with the humanism that is the nucleus of the Old Word Order, but have not yet found a scalpel so sharp or a surgeon so precise to perform a Calvin-ectomy. And for this we are profoundly better off. 

In my opinion, other doctrinal frameworks–or perhaps a loose collection of many other doctrinal frameworks–better and more accurately encapsulate both Heaven and Earth; both humanity and Divinity; both the Kingdom of men and the Kingdom of God. However, it is also my opinion that such a complete, sophisticated, and nuanced perspective most certainly extends beyond the range of visible light that our minds can comprehend. And so, even though we can theoretically conceive of many more dimensions, practically we are limited to those we can actually inhabit. And when we reduce our focus to that world, the lens that best frames the broadest field and deepest focus is Calvinism.

I reiterate, this is not an endorsement of Calvinism as a theological and Biblical framework. Rather, I see Calvinism as the indispensable school teacher of Galatians—our tutor and governor. So while some of us might chafe under what seem to be pseudo doctrines, overall its saddle and shodding is an incalculable advantage. Perhaps I am actually only damning it with faint praise.

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